Sunday, February 26, 2012

Still Playing with different Viking knit Sizes

 The first picture is a single knit made with fine silver.  These are all in my Etsy shop.
 Big nine row double knit with fine silver and sterling silver end caps.  This one feels like a solid bangle.  It would make a wonderful layering piece.
Six row double knit bangle bracelet in copper.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Late Bead Soup Creation

Here is my creation from Lori Anderson’s Bead Soup Blog Hop.  I had broken my finger and was not able to make this piece by the deadline for the blog hop.  So better late than never, here is the stunning large focal bead that I received from Pam Brisse.  Take a peek at Pam's Etsy store for more pretty flocal beads.

This is a larger bead then I usually work with, but that was the challenge of the party, to work outside of our usual style.  A friend of mind saw the bead and fell in love with it, so I made this for her.  She requested copper.  I decided to frame the bead in knitted wire and I added some tiny gemstones for sparkle. The pendant is hanging on a viking knit necklace that finishes the look.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Experimenting with different sizes of Viking Knit

I have been playing around with different weaves and gauges of viking knit. I have used 28,26 and 24 gauge wire.  I like working with the 26 gauge the best, but the 24 gauge makes a nice solid feeling weave.  I like my bracelets to have a hefty feel to them.  I also have been experimenting with different amounts of rows, and between a single, double and triple knit. Here is the piece I just finished this morning.  It features a nine row double knit.  A hefty 9mm in diameter chain.
This in comparison, is a eight row single knit using 26 gauge fine silver wire, 7mm diameter. The weave is a bit more open and makes a nice flexible bracelet...
This is a single knit with 24 gauge fine silver wire in a ten row pattern, 8mm diameter...
And last, this is 5 rows in 26 gauge single knit, 4mm diameter chain.
I am not sure if I like the single or double knit better for bracelets  The single is more flexible and the double has a nice solid feel, great for bangles.  For necklaces the single weave in lighter weight wire  the best.