Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What to charge for Artisan Jewelry?

As everyone knows the price of silver has raised a lot. Checking this morning a Troy ounce of silver is about $30.55. A Troy ounce has 31.10 grams, but finished metals cost more.  I usually use fine silver which is at about $37.00 currently.  So I pulled out my Pocket-Tech gram scale and weighed the silver I was using in my bracelet on my work table.  My scale lets me chose between grams or ounces.

Because I cannot get the long wire on the scale, I use a Styrofoam cup to hold the silver and subtract the weight of the cup from the total.  The cup is .06 gram.  In the pictures below I have my scale set on ounces.  The four love knot beads and the clasp are a little over  1/2 ounce-$18.50.  The last picture shows the total silver that I used is one and a quarter ounce.  That would be about $46.00.

So the next question is; how do you price the finished piece?
cost of silver $46.00
cost of crystals
labor/time - creating the piece,oxidizing and polishing the piece, taking pictures and writing the discription of the piece. 
Etsy and PayPal fee's.

I will continue this post after I finish the bracelet.

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  1. I weigh my wire spool before I start my project and then when I am done, the difference is what I charge for the wire.


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