Saturday, October 1, 2011

Jewelry making with Resin is so Easy!

 I finally got around to trying the resin that I picked up at Rings and Things.  If you have not tried resin yet, don’t hesitate.  It is so easy and truly fun!  Here are a couple of tips I discovered to make it easier.

Make sure you seal your art in the frame well.  I used Mod Podge to seal the image and I think a couple of coats work the best.  Make sure it is completely dry before adding resin.  Any moisture will distort the image and will produce a disappointing result.

Apply the resin in very small amounts slowly.  You do not want to  over flow your piece.  The first piece that I poured flowed over the frame and I had a mess to clean up.  I did not make that mistake again.
I did not have a problem with bubbles, because I had read about a tip to use my micro torch.  I just ran the heat over the resin and the bubbles disappeared.

I finished the pieces off by spraying them with clear gloss spray pictured above. This product is ideal for fixing small boo boo's in your cured resin creations.
Here are a few pairs of earrings that I made.  These cute little frames I picked up at Rings and Things.