Monday, July 25, 2011

Income From Jewelry Making Tutorials

I received my royalty statement from Interweave Press today.  I have only written one tutorial but I’m still getting a check from it every year.  I wrote this for the winter 2008 issue of Wire Jewelry magazine and it seems that there is still an interest in this wire coiling technique.  The coiled bracelet pictured above is the one I made for the magazine.  Below is the issue that it was published in.

So I am passing along this tip to all you jewelry designers; if you have a unique idea, submit it for publishing.  Just make a finished piece, showing each step of the process with nice clear pictures.  Then write easy to follow instruction to go with your pictures.  Here is an example of my tutorial on sale at Interweave Press.  While you are there, take a look at all the other tutorials available.

Monday, July 18, 2011

FYI Bead Soup Sign-ups Coming Soon

If you missed the bead soup party last time, here is your chance to participate.  Just go to Lori's blog to read about all the details.  I signed up for the last party and plan to sign up this time too.  It is a fun way to challenge your designing skills.  You get to work with components that you would not usually work with. This is also a good place to meet other jewelry designers and view their work.