Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bead Soup Party Blog Hop

This is the list of blogs and participants for the
September 17th Bead Soup Blog Party.

As you can see by the list, this is a big group.  My partner was Pam Brisse.  Please check out her web site The Blue Between to see what she created.  As I wrote in a prior post,I had surgery on my hand and can not make anything until my hand heals.  But this is the pretty focal Pam sent and it has already been requested for a pendant,from a good friend.  She asked me to make it in thes tyle of the piturees below wirh lots of tiny gemstones clustered on top on bottom.
  Have fun seeing all the creativity of this group.  The complete list of blogs is at the end of this post.

And this is the style I will wrap it.  As  soon as I get the use of both hands back.I will use  lots of tiny gemstones clustered on the top and botton.

1. Lori Anderson, Pretty Things
2. Barbe Saint John, Barbe Saint John
3. Rebecca Watkins, Artybecca
4. Doris Stumpf, Glaszwerg
5. Terry Carter, Tapping Flamingo
6. Nancy Peterson, Beading From the Heart
7. Ingrid McCue, Wrapped in Silver
8. Tari Sasser, Creative Impressions in Clay
9. Amber Dawn, Inventive Soul
10. Julie Nordine, Julie Nordine | Credit River Art Glass
11. Carol Tannahill, Fire In Ice
12. Lisa Boucher, Lisa's Clay Happenings
13. Jean Yates, Snap Out of It Jean, There's Beading to be Done!
14. Emanda Johnson, Artemesia's Studio
15. Stephanie Haussler, Pixybug Designs
16. Sandra Richardson, Sandy's Coloring Box
17. Kitty Durmaj, Perles and Life
18. Amy Severino, Amy Beads
19. Debbie Price, Green Shoot Jewellery Designs
20. Kim Ballor, Vitamin C ... A Daily Dose of Creativity

21. Jen Judd Velasquez, Jen Judd Rocks
22. Courtney Breul, Beads by Breul
23. Lynne Bowland, Island Girl Insights
24. Mary McGraw, MK's Creative Musings
25. Shay Williams, Shaiha's Ramblings
26. Shea Zukowski, gr8findings
27. Laurel Steven, Rue's Daftique
28. Heather Goldsmith, As I Bead It
29. Nicole Keller, Nicki's Reef
30. Stefanie Teufel, Stefanie's Sammelsurium

31. Johanna Rhodes, Fire Phoenix Creations
32. Niky Sayers, Silver Nik Nats
33. Valerie Norton, Hot Fused Glass
34. Lyn Foley, Lyn Foley Jewelry Blog
35. Jayne Capps, Mama's Got To Doodle
36. Tari Kahrs, Pearl and Pebble
37. Elisabeth Auld, Beads For Busy Gals
38. Judy Glende, Judith B. Designs
39. Mary Ellen Parker, Bee Tree By Me
40. Jennifer Cameron, Glass Addictions

41. Shirley Moore, Beads and Bread
42. Susan Kennedy, Sue Beads
43. Melissa Meman, Art, Life, Love
44. Lois Moon, Que Onda Q'town?
45. Sally Russick, Wire Worked
46. Hope Smitherman, Crafty Hope
47. Nan Emmett, Spirit Rattles
48. Kate Gardenghi, Tropical Blonde
49. Mallory Hoffman, For the Love of Beads
50. Deci Worland, Gem Trails

51. Sandi Lee James, Do Be Do Bead Do
52. Diana Ptaszynski, Suburban Girl Studio
53. Erin Prais-Hintz, Treasures Found
54. Lisa Liddy, Metal Me This
55. Tracy Bell, Copper, Glass, and Recycled Trash
56. Rebecca Anderson, Song Beads
57. Cathie Carroll, Cathie Carroll's Studio
58. Norma Turvey, Moonlit Fantaseas
59. Marianna Boylan, Star Girl Jewelry
60. Jackie Ryan, Keep Your Dreams Original!

61. Heather Pyle, My Muse, Aquariat
62. Joanna Matuszczyk, Bizuteria z filuc
63. Kathy Welsh, Girly Girl Art
64. Marcie Abney, La Bella Joya
65. Cassie Donlen, The Glass Beadle
66. Serena Trent, All Things Made Jewelry
67. Loretta Carstensen, Loretta's Boutique
68. Deana Hager, Just Deez' Art & Life
69. Stacey Curry, Star Hitched Wagon
70. Christine Brandel, A Hot Piece of Glass

71. Kristina Johansson, Wild Roses and Blackberries
72. Jennifer Pride, Jewelry by J. P.
73. Suzann Sladcik Wilson, Beadphoria
74. Cindy Wimmer, Sweet Bead Studio
75. Karen Williams, Baublicious
76. Kristi Bowman, Kristi Bowman Design
77. Sue Hodgkinson, Hello Gorgeous
78. Natalie Monkivitch, Beadmonki Lampwork
79. Marge Beebe, Rock Creek Creations
80. Lupe Meter, Gem's PC Corner

81. Genea Crivello-Knable, Genea Beads
82. Anna Lear, The Laughing Raven
83. Cat Pruitt, Boo Beads
84. Hilary Frye, FryeStyle
85. Karyn Bonfiglio, Plus Size Bangles
86. K. Hutchinson, Jumbled Hutch
87. Moira McEvoy, The Musings of Mystic Pesto
88. Janet McDonald, Singing Woods
89. Carrie Tahquechi, Carrie T
90. Ambra Gostoli, Chic and Frog

91. Birgitta Lejonklou, Create With Spirit
92. Kim Stevens, Picking Poppies
93. Becky Fairclough, Chameleon Designs
94. Jenni Connolly, Jenni Bead
95. Wendy Chamberlain, Bears, Beads and Beautiful Thing
96. Cory Celaya, Art With Moxie
97. Gretchen Nation, Art Food Lodging
98. Davinia Algeri, Polymer Clay Beads Baubles and Buttons
99. Michaela Pabeschitz, La Mar de Bonita
100. Karin von Hoeren, Creative Ideen

101. Tracey Weiser, Summer Smack
102. Lorelei Eurto, Lorelei's Blog
103. Malin de Koning, Beading by Malin
104. Regina Santerre, Regina's Writings
105. Ana Krepel-Novak, Cat's Pajamas, Dog's Tuxedos
106. Lesley Watt, The Gossiping Goddess
107. Eleanor Snare, EBS Jewellery
108. Gillian Lehman, The Adventures of GillyBean and Friends
109. Lisa Hamilton, Simply Irresistible Jewelry
110. Barbara Bechtel, Second Surf

111. Stacie Stamper, Park Avenue
112. Beth & Evie, EB Bead and Metal Works
113. Mylene Hillam, Mill Lane Studio
114. Claire Maunsell, The Next Bend
115. Jill Harris, Gypsy Brocante
116. Therese Frank, Therese's Treasures
117. Patty Gasparino, My Life Under the Bus
118. Christine Hendrickson, The Clay Chick
119. Melissa Mesara, One-Eared Pig Beads
120. Poranna, Poranna Reczni Zrobila

121. Laura Twiford, Souvenirs From Life
122. Holly Westfall, Silver Rose Designs
123. Noemi Baena, Fuego, Metal y Color
124. Natalie McKenna, Grubbi...
125. Karin Slaton, Backstory Beads
126. Cindy Gimbrone, Lampwork Diva aka Cindy Gimbrone
127. Sandi Volpe, Sandi Volpe
128. Kristi Harrison, It's a New Day
129. Stephanie LaRosa, Confessions of a Bead Hoarder
130. Michelle Mach, Beads and Books

131. Michelle Hardy, Firefly Visions
132. Stephanie Dixon, The Dixon Chick
133. Janice Everett, JLynn Jewels
134. Kay Thomerson, Kayz Kreationz
135. Cindy Cima Edwards, Live to Design
136. Norma Agron, Norma's Clay
137. Cece Cormier, The Beading Yogini
138. Kim Hora, Kimmykats
139. Margot Potter, I Color Outside the Lines
140. Melinda Orr, Peace Creek Blog
141. Marina Dobrynina, Savon Feutre
142. Cilla Watkins, Tell Your Girlfriends
143. Tammy Powley, The Crafty Princess Diaries
144. Vicky Taylor, Treasure Island Crafts
145. Erin Grant, Erin's Jewelry Creations
146. Nicole Rennell, Nicole Rennell Designs
147. Christine Altmiller, One Kiss Creations Beaded Jewelry
148. Sandra Wollberg, Stories from the City of Brass
149. B.R. Kuhlman, Mixed Mayhem Studios
150. Kelly Ramstack, Adventures with Kelly

151. Heidi Post, Ex Post Facto Jewelry
152. Julianna Cannon, Julsbeads
153. Karen Zanco, Everyday Gypsy
154. Laura Zeiner, Stick Lizard Designs
155. Linda Djokic, Lutka and Co.
156. Kathleen Lange Klik, Modern Nature: My Creative World
157. Molly Alexander, Beautifully Broken Me
158. Lori Dorrington, Lori's Adventures in Etsy Land
159. Bobbie Rafferty, Beadsong Jewelry
160. Amy Freeland, Copper Diem
161. Sarah Elder, My So Called Junky Life
162. Anitra Gordy, LeeLu Creations
163. Kristy Abner, Kristy's Kreations
164. DaviniaDesign, Davinia Design
165. Judy Riley, Three Red Beads
166. Pam Ferrari, Wait Just One More Bead
167. Lori Bergmann, Ashlyn Design
168. Diane Cook, Rosa - Josies
169. Charlotte Pevny, The Infrequent Beader
170. JJ Jacobs, Coming Abstractions

171. Diane Hawkey, Diane Hawkey
172. Jelveh Jaferian, Jelveh Designs
173. Deanna Chase, Deanna Chase
174. Jennifer VanBenschoten, Jewelry, Art and Life
175. Barbara Lewis, Painting with Fire
176. Natasha Lutes, N's Whims
177. Lisa Lodge, Pine Ridge Treasures
178. Cris Peacock, Cris' Page
179. Alice Craddick, Alice's Bead and Baubles
180. Riki Schumacher, Riki Jewelry

181. Cryss Thain, Here Bead Dragons
182. Cynthia Abner, Created Treasures
183. Erin Siegel, Erin Siegel Jewelry
184. Raida Disbrow, Havana Beads
185. Andrea Turini, Andrea Turini Jewelry
186. Cherrie Fick, En La Lumie're
187. Melissa Clarke, Pieces of Me
188. Lori Greenberg, Lori Greenberg Glass Beads
189. Allison Scott, Oh Allison Beading & Designs
190. Cynthia Tucker, Sea of Glass

191. Lara Kinney, Something Unique by Lara
192. Jennifer Justman, Soul's Fire Designs
193. Patty Evins, Patsy Evins Studio
194. Jenny Vidberg, Shyme Design
195. Wendy Blum, Sand & Sea Designs
196. Bryna Lumb, Bryna's Bead Box
197. Saskia Kaffenberger, Perlendistel
198. Kerry Bogert, KAB's Creative Concepts
199. Fiona Christie, Christal's Creations
200. Dot Lewallen, Speedie Beadie

201. Ann Rishell, My Critical Eye
202. Eva Sherman, Eva Sherman Designs
203. Pat Haight, The Wigglebutt Blog
204. Lori Bowring Michaud, Artfully Ornamental
205. Amanda Davie, Articulations
206. Sharon Palac, Sharon's Jewelry Garden
207. Tammy Jones, Jewelry Making Daily
208. Shannon Chomanczuk, For My Sweet Daughter
209. Susie Hibdon, Vintage Susie & Wings
210. Barbara Blaszczyk, Laboratorium Flory

211. Jess Italia Lincoln, Vintaj Blog
212. Christine Damm, Stories They Tell
213. Staci Smith, Staci Louise Originals
214. Cristi Clothier, 2 If By Sea
215. Missy Rappaport, Melissa Rappaport
216. Sally Anderson, Wild Sally Road
217. Karen Firnberg, Weaveabead's Blog
218. Tara Plote, The Newbie Beader's Blog
219. Terry Matuszyk, Pink Chapeau Vintage Jewelry
220. Melissa Pynn, Behind the Smile

221. Rhea Freitag, Starrgazer Creates
222. Marie-Noel Voyer-Cramp, Skye Jewels
223. Marci Brooks, That Nothing Be Wasted
224. Erin Fickert-Rowland, Elysian Studios
225. Marcy Lamberson, Studio Marcy
226. Linda Landig, Linda's Bead Blog & Meanderings
227. Niki Meiners, Inspiration the Whole Year Through
228. Michelle Buettner, MiShel Designs
229. Dorcas Midkiff, Wondrous Strange
230. Kelly Morgan, Silver Parrot

231. Beth Emery, Stories by Indigo Heart
232. Debbie Goering, Prairie Emporium
233. Geneva Collins, Torque Story
234. Jenny Davies-Reazor, Jenny Davies-Reazor
235. Dana Johnson Jones, Dana's Jewelry & Etc.
236. Suzette Bentley, Ellie's Bijoux
237. Rose Binoya, Ahtee's Blog
238. Tania Spivey, Moobie Grace Designs
239. Aimee Wheaton, creativeFlutter
240. Andrea Trank, Heaven Lane Creations

241. Cynthia Deis, Shiny Little Things
242. CJ Baushka, 4His Glory Creations
243. Astrid Boyce, Cooking Glass
244. Sandra McGriff, Creative Chaos
245. Theresa Fosdick, Thoughtful-Notions
246. Polly Barker, Future Family Relics
247. Jane Haag, Did You Make Something Today?
248. Laura Blanck, Laura Blanck
249. Penny Neville, Copper Penny Designs
250. Gaea Cannaday, Gaea Handmade

251. Carol Bradley, Carol Bradley Designs
252. Charlene Jacka, Clay Space
253. Christine Miles, Wings N Scales
254. Heather Marley, Creaky Cogs
255. Lola Surwillo, Bead Lola Bead
256. Gail Zwang, Angelmoose Enterprises
257. Liz DeLuca, Creative Arty Facts
258. Rebecca Sirevaag, Becca's Place
259. Jana Tarhala, Stories of the Secret Garden
260. Mags Saari, Mags - koruja

261. Manuela Wutschke, GlassArt - Manuela Wutschke
262. Sabrina Staub, Sabrina's Glasswork
263. Tracy Stillman, TS Designs
264. Kristi Kyle, Kristi Kyle
265. Kym Hunter, Creatively Kym
266. Kate Richbourg, We Can Make That at Home
267. Cheryl Roe, BeadRoe
268. Collette Collins, Firefly Myst Artisan Jewelry
269. Charlene Sevier, The Bead Dreamer
270. Karen Sinkowski, Krisdaka's Kreations

271. Pepita Bos, Urracaa
272. Janna Harttgen, Palima Lim
273. Terri Gauthier, Blooming Ideas
274. Mandy Williamson, Mimi's Beading
275. Vonna Maslanka, Just Vonna
276. Laurel Bielec, Bielec's Baubles
277. Mary Eilliott, Starry Dreams Jewellery Designs
278. Monica Johnson, Vintage in Disguise
279. Sweet Freedom Designs, Sweet Freedom Designs
280. Alison Sachs, Beads by Earthtones
281. Suzanne Tate, Catching Up
282. Keri Lee Sereika, Pink Lemonade
283. Jennifer Heynen, Jennifer Jangles
284. Tamara Soper, Handcrafted Baubles by Tamara
285. Laura Sanger, Hg - Elemental Mercury
286. Andrea Morici, Strung Out
287. Maggie Towne, Maggie's Bead Towne
288. Ann Sherwood, Ann's Blog

289. Pam Brisse, The Blue Between
290. Julie Bean, Strung Out (#2)

291. Linda Inhelder, Must-Haves Jewelry  You are here
292. Amanda Cargill Austin, Sea Shore Glass
293. Karen Tremblay, Creative Alloy
294. Helena Fritz, Beadwork by H's Blog
295. Maria Grimes, Garden Path Beads
296. Tiffany Long, Glory Hound Designs
297. Cathy Khoury, Touch Jewelry
298. Barbara York, Quilting in the Panhandle
299. Sharon Gardner, Preciousness
300. Barrie Edwards, Barrie's Jewelry World
301. Rochelle Brisson, A Creative Chelle
302. Melissa Muir, Kelsi's Closet Jewelbox
303. Linda Murphy, Bonita Bead
304. Elizabeth Woodford, Elizabeth Creates
305. Dana James, Dana's Jewelry Designs
306. Mary Hicks, Falling Into the Sky
307. Christie Murrow, Charis Designs Jewelry
308. Patty Miller, Cabari Beads
309. Anna Sabina, Total Escape Clay Studio
310. Kathy Engstrom, Catherine's Dreams

311. Shay Stone, On My Path
312. Lara Lutrick, Lampwork Beads and Jewelry by Lara Lutrick
313. Bella Borgouise, Wirelicious Jewellery
314. JuLee Wolfe, The Polymer Penguin
315. Kathleen Robinson Young, Ugly Duckling Beads
316. Kari Carrigan, Kids, Glass, Life
317. Nadezhda Parfyonova, Nally's Creation
318. Eszter Czibulyas, Bigyo Gyar
319. Maria Horvath, Horimarka Beads
320. Doris Radlicki, Doralila Beads
321. Geanina Grigore, Janina Grigore
322. Charlene Gary, Gray Girl Studios
323. Miri Agassi, Bead Work by Miri Agassi
324. Julianna Kis, Juli Bizsu
325. Line Labrecque, Play Sculpt Live
326. Kimberly Roberts, Bahama Dawn
327. Maria Clark, Sweet Willow Designs
328. Kathy Alderfer, Artful Accents
329. Michelle Heim, Life in the Bead Lane
330. Elizabeth Owens Dwy, Clarity of Purple Sage

331. Shiraz Biggie, Secret Song Designs
332. Dee Wingrove-Smith, Beady Musings
333. Tracey Nanstad, A Beadiful Mess
334. Sara Hardin, Soft Flex Girl
335. Angela May, Canterbury Cottage
336. Terri Wlaschin, Starseed Jewelry + Beads
337. Marsha Neal, Marsha Neal Studio
338. Christine Stonefield, Sweet Girl Designs
339. Christine Hansen, Intuitive Sparks
340. Maria Rosa Sharrow, Willow Street Shops

341. Joyce Becker, The Joyful Gem
342. Marianne Baxter, Simply Seablime Jewelry
343. Marian Hertzog, M's Place
344. Joanne Tinley, Daisychain Jewellery
345. Salla Small, Blog by Salla
346. Tracy Martin, Nutkitten's Jewelry
347. Nancy Boylan, Snazzy Doodle Designs
348. Penny Ilagan, A Crafty World
349. Christa Murphy, Adventures of One Beady Woman
350. Pamela Petry, Seeing is Believing

351. Kelley Fogle, My Life... One Bead at a Time
352. Heather DeSimone, The Beadin' Blog
353. Candice McGinnis, Craziness, The Theme of My Life
354. Chris White, Dzeyner Studio
355. Jill MacKay, Jill MacKay
356. Julie Jones, Juliery Jones
357. Laurie Hanna, Laurie's Jewel Box
358. Beth Bricker, Vintage Sweets
359. Barbara Judy, Beads of Spirit
360. Lesley Weir, Djinn Rummy

361. Jennifer Geldard, Torch Songs
362. Teri Baskett, Born to Be Worn


  1. Oh, good, that is exactly what I was hoping you would do with that bead! I can't wait to see it - please let me know when you are all healed up and are able to work on it :) Hope you are feeling better.

  2. Beautiful soup! I hope you hand heals well and quickly! :-)

  3. Linda, your work is always magnificent, and the bead is very yummy. Your jewelry is art!
    Get better and feel better quick....

  4. I'm glad I hopped over here and found you. Your work is so beautiful. I hope your hand heals quickly. I look forward to seeing more. :)

  5. SO sorry about your hand! I used to get sprained fingers all the time walking my dog trouble (no longer with us) because she was so hyper, so I get how you could have broken your finger. You must have been so disappointed to not get to finish your project.

    Thanks for sharing other samples of your work. Your wire wrapping is fantastic! And I love love those beads that you shown wrapped. I can't wait to see what you do with your kit when you can finish it.

    Hope your feeling better soon!!

  6. Oh, I can just see how stunning the pendant will be when you heal up. Thank you for the sneak peak, and heal fast!

  7. Your work is fabulous, hope your hand heals quickly!

  8. Delicious! Love your work. We’re all being pushed outside our comfort zones — with amazing results!

    Enjoy the hop,

  9. OMGoodness...your soup is DELICIOUS my Friend!!! I adore your design, it's truly stunning! Well done, another AMAZING cup of BEAD SOUP from a very talented designer!!! ;)

  10. That soup looks very delicious and judging from the other pendants you've worked with (they're gorgeous!), it's going to fab once you can start working again. Wish you a speedy recovery!

  11. I can't wait to see the pendant that you make with your soup! Seeing the other pendants, I bet it will be beautiful. Hope your hand heals quickly!

  12. So sorry to hear about your hands! I KNOW when you get back to work you will make an absolutely gorgeous piece with these luscious beads!

  13. Here's to a fast recovery -- and I can't wait to see what you make (you know I've been a LONNNNNG fan of your work) so email me as soon as you post, and I'll let everyone know! You have such a gift.

    I hope you'll join me again next time -- the blog button and dates are on my blog now!

    Love, Lori

  14. Major wow factor. Will definitely come back to see the soup once it's finished.
    I have often wondered how I would feel not being able to create due to injury...not a very happy prospect.
    I truly wish you a speedy recovery!

  15. Get well soon - it seems to be a wonderful project! I like the way, you're wrapping lampwork beads. I'm sure it will get fantastic!
    Greetings, Michi

  16. Hope your hand heals well and soon. Will be back to see the wrapped pendant. Take care.

  17. Your wrapping is gorgeous; hope you heal soon!

  18. So sorry about your hand. Praying it will heal fast so you can back to the things that you love to do. Your wire work is amazing! Beautiful soup! I am sure whatever you do it will be stunning!

  19. I hope your hand heals soon so that you can keep creating such beautiful pieces of art.

  20. I've known Pam for a long time and am a big fan of hers. That wonderful focal of hers is going to be so beautiful wire wrapped that way. No wonder someone has already requested a special order for it.

  21. Hope your healing is fast. I'm looking forward to see the finished result. The wire wrapping is exquisite.

  22. Wow, I love your pieces! I hope you heal quickly so I can see more of your beautiful work. Cheers!

  23. I'm looking forward to seeing you back in action. YOur work is beautiful. Hope your surgery was successful and that your hand heals well.

  24. So beautiful! Really looking forward to your healing.

  25. So sorry about your hand :( Pam is a wonderful person and I'm glad you will get to play with your soup someday. Please show it off when you do because your other pieces are amazing.

  26. Hope your hand heals quickly and well! Your soup is lovely I'm certain you will do great things with it!

  27. I'm willing your hand for a speedy recovery {is it working?}....I want to see your finished soup! ;op

    Will pop back frequently sweetie ;o)


    hello gorgeous xxx

  28. I am so sorry for being so late my computer was resisting too labor intensive:^)Very nice designs. And there is still time to sign up for the give-away, Just go to Sept.16th blog and leave a comment
    Be blessed to be a blessing

  29. So sorry about your hand. Your wirework looks exquisite. I will definitely be looking forward to seeing the bead when you get to work on it. Please take care!

  30. Wishing you a speedy recovery! Please let me know if you would when you make a post about this focal I would love to see it!

  31. Hope your hand feels better real soon, that has to be so frustrating. Here's to a speedy recovery!

  32. Beautiful soup, look forward to seeing your wirework once your hand has healed. Best wishes.

  33. Hope you heal well and fast!! Pam's focals are so stunning, the wire wrap you have planned will work well with it. I tend to wrap in a similiar way, with alot of tiny gems, glass,fiber,metal- your friend will love the piece when it is done! Love your style!

  34. Hope your hand heals quickly! You have a wonderful soup to work with.

  35. I hope your recovery progresses well and that the healing is complete.

    I have added you to my RSS feed- your work is beautiful and inspiring. One of these days I will find the time to step through the long learning process of wire work since I love the complex finished pieces. Your blog will be a great resource.

  36. Holy cow, your work is beautiful -- can't wait to see what you create with your soup when you feel better. Hope you heal up quickly!

  37. I'm so sorry to hear about your hand. Here's hoping the surgery makes it all better! That focal is going to look amazing in the style of those other two. Best of luck as you heal!

  38. I hope your hands are back to creating soon! Your focal will look amazing!!

  39. So sorry you could not complete your Bead Soup piece. Your work is so pretty-I'm sure the bead soup piece will be so, too! Feel better soon!

  40. Get well soon! I am looking forward to see what you make with your soup.



Thanks for looking!