Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Turn Scrap Silver Into Cash!!!

Did you know that you can get cash for your scrap silver?
I keep a bowl on my work bench for scrap pieces.  When the bowl gets full I sent it to Rio Grande.
They accept silver, gold, gold-filled, palladium, platinum and fired PMC® items.  Payment amounts are based on market value current on the day they settle your scrap return.  Pack up your scrap and enclose the  scrap packing list sheet  and send it in.  That is all you have to easy!

This little bag of silver is over 134 grams!  So do not throw away any scrap silver...turn it into cash.

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  1. I have been saving my scraps for just this sort of thing! I just had no idea who took it. I do often wonder if the jump rings between the clasp elements are also sterling silver, or if they "skimp". I know I do pay the full price. Generally I am unable to use those jump rings because they are often pretty rough. Thanks for the information. LOVE your blog, you make lovely jewelry.


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