Monday, February 28, 2011

Jewelry Picture Challenge

Wow, what a weekend. I visited lots of wonderful blogs that were participating in the Bead Soup challenge; 210 blogs in total. I still have not finished visiting all of them, but I will. If you missed the fun this time, there will be another chance in August to sign-up here.

I wanted to list just one bracelet today, but I just could not get a good picture. Has that ever happened to you? That is when you just have to walk away and come back later and try again. And that is what I did.

 I used the same set-up and lighting the second time, but changed the angles slightly. The first picture was perfect. Sometimes it is not that easy. Every piece of jewelry seems to be a tad different to set-up for the best angle.

And here is the result of my second try at getting a clear picture.  This is a fun bracelet with a lot of coiled detail.  I wanted the pictures to show that.  This bracelet is in my Etsy shop.


  1. Very Pretty! Taking photos drives me crazy!

  2. That's gorgeous!! Yep, know exactly what you mean about the picture taking...beautiful results!!

  3. Wow Gorgeous! The photo and bracelet are amazing! I have one of those crazy photo cubes, but I gave up on it immediately when I stuck my beads on the "floor" and the cube didn't sit flat. grrrr.


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