Friday, February 11, 2011

Hammers for Jewelry Artisans

Yes, I am an admitted tool junky. I just love great tools. Having good tools to work with just makes the job easier. Before I purchased my first Fretz hammer I was a tad sceptical. Was a $45.00 hammer that much better then a $20.00 hammer? After I started using it, I knew the answer. Now I would like to get the complete set! You can’t beat them for precision and being able to add fabulous texture to metal. And did I mention the smooth handles.

1. Riveting hammer~ This is a must-have for adding rivets to your jewelry designs. The stainless steel head on this hammer has a flat side and chiseled end for forming and riveting.

2. Fretz embossing hammer~What can I say… These are the best! for precise texturing of your designs. This hammer has a beautiful feel and makes a wonderful dotted texture.

3. Fretz narrow raising hammer! This one has a narrow head and makes nice textured lines.

4. Chasing hammer~Has one round flat side for planishing metal and one side for preening and riviting metals.

5. Rawhide mallet~This is great for forming, bending and flatting without marring the metal. I have found this is also handy to use with precious metal clay.

6. Brass head mallet~I use this one for stamping and texture.

7. Plastic head hammer~I use this one to flatten metals without marking them.

8. Ball peen hammer~A great hammer for forming, shaping and flattening metal.

To flatten or harden metal use a steel bench block. I also use a leather sandbag to use as my work surface. Here are some good sites to purchase tools: Rings and Things and Rio Grande


  1. Beautiful hammers! I am envious. :)

  2. Love Fretz hammers. I wish I could afford to have all the texturing ones, but alas, no, I just have the riveting one. I bought one of the interchangeable head ones from Beaducation, and then I have about 963 other hammers around here someplace.

  3. Hi Linda, your bag-o-hammers post is a very smart idea :) I love hearing real users' comments about the kinds of tools we sell, and you're definitely helping others shop around!

    Cheers from

    -- Dave at Rings & Things


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