Tuesday, October 13, 2009

MIVAL Hoilday Show

I just was sent a copy of the advertising poster for the Mercer Island visual arts counsel holiday show.  My bracelet is the second picture down on the right.  The show starts October 17th and runs until December 19th at the Mercer view community center.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sports Jewelry for a Personalized gift

I have lots of sterling silver sports charms listed in my Etsy shop, but the female runner charms are my favorite.  These female runner charms are very special to me. Years ago when I was making sports jewelry, I could not find a runner charm that I liked. I was an avid runner at the time and wanted a charm that showed good form. So I had a mold made and designed after a picture of a distance runner. This female runner charm shows not only wonderful form, but a love of the sport. You will not find this sterling silver charm anywhere else. This is exclusive to Must-Haves Jewelry.  So if you need a gift for a cross-county runner, someone training for a big race or a friend that just loves to get out there and run, this is the perfect gift.

This is what Lyn of Lyn Spired Jewelry made with the charms

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Its the Season For Garnet Jewelry

I have the most gorgeous tree just outside my studio window. And on a sunny fall day like today the colors are spectacular! It made me think that it time to dig out my stash of garnets. Dark burgundy garnets are wonderful this time of year. Some are so deep in color that I wear them as a neutral. And they are perfect for holiday parties when you don’t want to wear a flashy bright red. Garnets are the January birthstone. Most people usually think of garnets as only a deep rich red. But Garnets come in just about every color family. Recent discoveries in Africa have even found a rare blue-green garnet. Garnets are available in greens, fiery yellows, deep orange and all the way to the traditional reds. They have long been a favorite of the jewelry world because of their durability, rich color and brilliance.
The bracelet in the picture has  big beautiful garnets that I have saved from last year.  They have a deep rich color and are polished nicely.  The bracelet is available at my 1000Markets store

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Earrings Today

Can a girl ever have too many pairs of earrings?  If you would only to wear one piece of jewelry, I think it would be earrings.  I like earrings that are light weight, have an unusual design and are just plain fun to wear!  So I am spending the day making earrings for my 1000Markets shop.

I always make the earring wires with 20 gauge fine silver.  I think that a heavier gauge is just too thick for many women.  Twenty gauge is an average post size.  I like fine silver .99, because it does not tarnish like sterling silver .95.  I also make sure that the wire ends have been made smooth.  There is nothing worse than a sharp ear wire.

If you love earrings, like I do, check out the Perfect Pair market on 1000markets for a great selection of unique earrings.